About czesiek haker

czesiek (IPA: tʂɛɕɛk; English: cheshek) is a human living in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina. His seldom used full name is Michał Czyżewski.

For the better part of his life he’s been doing full-stack web programming and operations engineering (see résumé). He’s a Free Software evangelist and cryptography enthusiast.

czesiek is a proud member of Warsaw Hackerspace. He develops tools for investigative journalists at Organized Crime and Corruption Reporting Project and helps Panoptykon Foundation fight surveillance. He is a discordian pope.

czesiek loves tea, coffee, wine and vegan food. He’s an avid cyclist. He sometimes makes art and plays music.

If you want him to talk about software, internets, cybersecurity, privacy, hacker culture, deep web and/or other stuff, he’ll be glad to do that.

If you wish to contact czesiek, please email me at czesiek.net (encrypt the message using his OpenPGP key, take a look at the FSF’s guide to learn how).